This Site


The Project started in late 2015 with the concept of building a market place for vendors to sell trackables. The initial plan was to provide a platform that shop owners, producers, designers, event hosts and others could sell trackables without having a high fee (like eBay, 10%!).. The perk? An environment that could be a mutual marketplace that is being supported and promoted by the community for the community.

Detailed planning started in December 2015.. We explored what content management systems would be best, what shopping carts, infrastructure, and most importantly “what would cachers enjoy”. Some of the initial ideas were:

  • Market Place for vendors.
  • Design coloring system.
  • Wikipedia of Geocoin Designers

And like with all good things, the dream grew!

In May 2016 we connected with Geocaching HQ and presented our concept for the site and the plans that we have. Instantly it sparked a wonderful conversation of possibilities and we made a polite request for API Developer Access for some ideas that we had but wouldn’t be possible without it.. After several weeks of conversation and waiting, we were approved!

API Developer? Game Changer!

Immediately we contacted our development teams and informed them each about the new API Developer Licensee status we have been granted for trial purposes. After a several hour long video conference call with development teams from around the world we shifted gears dramatically and the following features were birthed:

  • Tracking System
  • Global Trade System
  • Trackable Wishlist
  • GeoEvent Map
  • GeoEvent Check-Ins
  • future mobile app..

A personalized system for Trackables, like no other!

One of the biggest concepts to come out of the conference was the idea of a personalized tracking system for Trackables.

We know, we know: You can log onto and check the status of your owned trackables anytime you want.. But, what if you produce your own personal Geocoin? When you gift/sell/trade them out, and they become activated on someone else account, they almost feel like a small piece of you is gone. Why? Because unlike some of the well known tag systems, there is no simple way to check the status of all those wonderful coins you made. (That dreadful process includes going to and type the code for each one in, individually.. If you have the codes..)

So we knew our goal. Reverse engineer the Geocaching Trackables system and develop it in a way that would make a personalized experience for everyone that has ever produced a personal (or event) trackable.

Beyond the tracking system..

We knew that stopping with a sweet tracking system couldn’t be the end all. We knew that the Geocaching community would love to show off their collection, earn badges, have a wishlist, a global trade system, fun social experience and much more! So this became our task for more than 6 months..


The site is still in development. Currently the Project is being led by a Swedish Developer. Much of the functions that we have dreamed of are built and working, but pending public use.

There are updates to the site and/or back-end system nearly daily!


We are extremely excited to see what the future holds.. There are many features and concepts that are being considered. If you have an idea, send it in! You never know, your submitted idea might make it into the History section as one of the best features to ever become available for the community!