GC Mini Tags

GC Mini Tags, exclusively by Geocoins.org

GC Mini Tags are the newest tags to the Geocaching community! Like the other commonly known tags on the market, GC Minis can be made in rounds and unique shapes but all are individually trackable on Geocaching.com as well as Geocoins.org custom tracking system.


To manage the back-end database and system better, and to streamline the experience: GC Mini Tags are all part of the same trackable type ID within the Geocaching Database, 9610.*

So what does this mean? Well you are part of our trackable group set and will share the GC Mini icon with others within the set. All your trackables will also come with an added informational area to share what GC Minis are on each trackable page. (example coming soon).

However within the Geocoins.org custom tracking system you will be awarded your own icon, and be listed on users profiles if they have owned or discovered your tags. Additionally being the author (the person who is responsible for the sets creation) of a set of GC Mini Tags, you will have the ability to track them all, much like you can on other popular tag sites.

Have an Idea?

Have an idea for a set of tags or even a personal tag? Hit us up and share it! Just know that all designs are subject to Geocaching HQ’s review and approval process since they are all Geocaching trackables. If its for a series of tags, we might even be able to partner!

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Additional Notes

*MEGA and GIGA events are uniquely handled to fit within Geocaching HQ’s Guide Lines.


coming soon.